Monday, January 12, 2009


Just days after adding a Community page to my website, Rick Crawford follows suit with a very good nod to the same in his Velonews article:

Although I train on my own a lot, I owe a serious debt to those people who have pushed me to another level in my training and racing here in Durango.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Angel, Benzilla, Mexico?

In the spirit of the offseason, which for me involves a fair amount of cross/fun training, including my foray into ice climbing, I thought I would present viewers with some original images from my good friend, "Downtown" Joel Brown. Joel and I attended school together at the University of Montana, and were both members of the triathlon club team. I had intended to develop my website with him, starting late in 2006, but after I moved from Montana to Colorado, plans changed. Even so, he had begun to develop some images and had landed on the name for my website. Without further ado:

Angel from Wildflower

and Benzilla

In other arenas, consistent training has started again for 2009, and although I'm not much for obeying the standard (and arbitrary) practice of feigning serious introspection because a new calendar year has arrived, I do have some reflections and future ideas. This past season was full of quality memories, ranging from my first race in Pucon last January, all the way to my first Ironman in Arizona. In my second season as a pro, I learned many lessons about race preparation, mental toughness, and execution. I also learned how to push my pain threshold to a new high, suffering through my key workouts and first marathon with considerable distress. It was a year of growing stronger, and more conscious of my own goals within the sport. A new direction was forged with my qualification for Kona, and I will be working even harder this season to accomplish the goals I have set, and to continue my improvement as an athlete. It's been a great ride so far, and I'm looking forward to my first races of 2009 with considerable drive.

Finally, look for me to appear at random in the American southwest (or Mexican northwest) during the month of February, possibly living vagabond warrior style in a late 70s 5th wheel trailer with shag carpet. Seriously.