Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Update

Just wanted to take a minute and give everyone a little update from the middle of my offseason. I've been taking time off from any structured workouts, and it's been good to get out for some hikes that were neglected during my season. The Colorado winter is finally settling into the Durango area, with considerable snowfall in the last week. Last year we were already buried in snow at this time, and it turned into one of the more epic winters in recent history with over 100 inches in town. It's a beautiful monochrome time of year, and I plan to spend some quality time outdoors, skiing, hiking, and shoveling. There are a few things worth noting since my Ironman debut almost a month ago, so I'll list them below:

-It's sponsorship season, and as a relatively new pro, I'm working on developing some lasting relationships with companies I believe in. Right now I have committed to joining the Sport Beans/NTTC squad for 2009, so I will wearing their kits and using affiliated sponsors equipment at my races. Check out the team site at I'll keep everyone up to speed on any new developments.

-My website photo gallery has also been updated with some pictures that were taken earlier this summer, so make sure to check them out.

-I expect that my Slowtwitch interview should be up sometime next week, so watch for it at

-My dog Ollie was hit by a car almost a week ago, so I thought it would be appropriate to pay tribute to a great companion with a photo. He really had an amazing temperament, and will be missed.
I'll keep you updated with any news from the offseason, including training plans for 2009, new sponsors, and hopefully some big powder ski days.